Secure Elements

Secure Elements secures Innovate UK grant to work on the SecureTCU project and are pleased to be working on the UK-South Korea Bilateral Phase 2 competition with Beam Connectivity, AUTOCRYPT and KATECH (Korea Automotive Technology Institute) on the SecureTCU project!

All new vehicles are wirelessly connected to enable like Over the Air software updates (OTA), and vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X). These Future Mobility features are now a requirement for vehicle makers and their supply chain.

The benefits of vehicle connectivity are enormous, but this makes the safety and cybersecurity of connected vehicles a pressing problem for well-known automotive brands. Jeep estimates the cost of a cyber breach is $1Bn, and Elon Musk said a fleet-wide hack of their cars would be “the end of Tesla”.

The automotive industry is urgently seeking cybersecurity solutions, driven by regulations, standards, and the risk of serious damage to reputation!

Small innovative companies, with specialist skills and solutions for cybersecurity of connected vehicles, are now able to enter the automotive supply chain.

The Secure TCU project combines the expertise of leading connected vehicle companies from both the UK and South Korea, to bring to market a world’s first, ASIL-rated TCU, and the integrated engineering platform used to develop it. This will enable global automotive customers to deploy secure OTA software, and advanced V2X connectivity easily and quickly with improved safety and security.

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