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SDV Safety & Cybersecurity

It is known that while engineering a Product, Functional Safety and Cybersecurity activities are performed in isolation, at best.

As digitisation and connectivity rise exponentially in a vehicular eco-system, so does the increase in cyber security attacks. Following, the traditional approaches of performing safety and security engineering analysis are no longer sufficient and by very nature lack the requirements of Safe and Secure by design. Further, performing these activities in isolation would never be regarded as complete due to the continuously changing threat landscape.

To make the matters even worse, on most occasions, the prevalent use of spreadsheets to perform engineering analysis on such complex mission critical automotive systems such as CAV’s may not be the best of the choices either.

With legal enforcements being put in place by UNECE R155/R156 and standardisation bodies like ISO/SAE 21434, which demand cybersecurity of vehicles be tracked and maintained for the full vehicle lifecycle has already put vehicle manufacturers and their supply chain under stress. Not being compliant is no more a choice, but a necessity and means losing the license o sell vehicle in the target market.

This is where our Integrated Product Security Lifecycle Management Platform which integrates Systems, Safety and Cybersecurity and also offers the capability to effectively manage the Product throughout its lifecycle comes in to help you develop products that are Safe and Secure by Design.All this in compliance with ISO 21434 and UNECE R155.

How can we help you?

Looking for Automotive Cybersecurity and Safety Analysis ?

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Safety and Security

Enhance your competitive advantage by Integrating Safety and CyberSecurity in your engineering and development processes, accelerating a Systems approach to Cybersecurity.

Product Lifecycle Security Solution

Manage Cybersecurity Engineering and Operations in a product Lifecycle solution.

Compliance and Automation

Shorten the development time and ensure compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and R155/R156.

About Us

Who Are We?

Secure Elements is an automotive cybersecurity engineering software company building tooling solutions for next generation mobility systems. On a mission to accelerate the development of a safe and secure mobility eco-system, our team comprises of Experienced Systems Security Professionals, academics and researchers.  With right first hand experience in cybersecurity and with a Been there, Done that attitude, our Engineering team develops 

Welcome To Secure Elements

SaaS - Integrated Product Security Lifecycle Application

Secure Elements provides a SaaS cybersecurity for the mobility eco-system. The platform enables users to keep track of Product Development, Vulnerabilities and Exploits and Software Bill of Materials.
Ease of Use

Our Application can be used by engineers from cross engineering domains.

Scalability and Automation

The cloud based Application provides engineering teams with scalable and automated capability increasing efficiency.

Our Product

CRISKLE: The End-to-End Solution for Secure Product Development and Management

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GenAI Integrated Platform

CRISKLE integrates Safety and Security Risk Assessments.

Integrated Vulnerability Management

CRISKLE Integrates TARA and Vulnerability Management

Integrated Software of Material (S-BoM)

Gain insights on Vulnerabilities with SBoM Integration with CRISKLE TARA

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End-to-End Solution

Continual risk analysis using CRISKLE's product lifecycle capabilities.

Security Operations

Visualise critical security alerts in a Security Operations Centre.

Holistic Security Management

Close the gap between Product Engineering and Security Operations with CRISKLE MSoC.

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Our Services

A one stop shop solution to help Secure your products !

Integrating Systems, Safety and Security Analysis

Bring in System Elements from System Architecture, Functional Safety together with Cybersecurity to generate Secure designs.

FuSA and Cyber Risk Assessments

Perform Model based Threat Analysis Risk Assessments (TARA) and Functional Safety Risk Assessments (HARA) in compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 & ISO 26262.

Vulnerability Management

Perform Vulnerability Management throughout the product lifecycle as soon as a new Vulnerability is discovered.

Integrated TARA and Vulnerability Management

Perform Vulnerability Management throughout the product lifecycle and update TARA as soon as a new Vulnerability is discovered.

S-BOM Generation

Get a detailed digital blueprint of your Product Software composition using our S-BOM analysis to quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities to create a Software Digital Twin.

Integrated Security Operations Centre (MSoC)

Visualise Cybersecurity alerts in a SOC to take timely actions and close the gap between Product Engineering and Security Operations.

Why Us?

Cybersecurity and Systems Industry Professionals

FUSA and TARA Analysis

Integrate Safety and Cybersecurity for Competitive Advantage

Lifecycle Management

Manage Cybersecurity Throughout the Product Lifecycle


Ensure Compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and R155/R156


Use Integrated Product Security Lifecycle Management Platform

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