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Integrated Product Security Lifecycle Platform

CRISKLE is a Product Lifecycle Security Engineering platform which integrates fundamental elements from ‘systems, safety and security engineering.

CRISKLE offers a platform to create Secure By Design products.

From analysing Systems Architecture to Item Definition, performing Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments to Vulnerability Management and Analysis, managing the product development from Concept to End of Life.

CRISKLE generates S-BoM’s for managing the product in the field and identify vulnerabilities.

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Mobility - Security Operations

CRISKLE Mobility – Security Operations Centre (MSoC) empowers Security analysts in holistically managing product security throughout its lifetime by continuously monitoring and reporting threats to the engineering teams.

Using Open Source Threat Intelligence, CRISKLE MSoC helps in managing security events and reported incidents and provides greater insights to the L1-L3 Security Analysts and Security Managers to trigger appropriate playbooks.

All this with underlying capabilities of data and intelligence of CRISKLE, that the management of security incidents becomes much simpler and effective.

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